Oval Walnut Wood 33 With 2 Star Crescent

Model: TSA-3WL81

UPC Number : 730639210883

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This 33-bead tasbih prayer bead set is made from Turkish walnut trees (ceviz). Handcrafted in Turkey with ornamental 2-chain tassel with small crescent star charms on each end with NO dividers. These 8x10mm beads are smooth and nice to the touch. Comes in a 3.5"x.35"x1" silver foil gift box

  • Small natural exotic walnut wood prayer beads
  • Horizontal oval beads strung on durable string with high craftsmanship
  • Has unique ornamental foxtail chain tassel with crescent-star charms
  • Comes in a 3.5"x.35"x1" silver foil gift box
  • Inside diameter is 9", end to end is 9" also

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