Unique Large 12-mm Dense Exotic Tamarind Wood Tasbih

Model: TST-9L121

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This beautiful large tasbih is made from the solid core of the Indonesian tamarind fruit tree. The beads are 12mm round. There are 99 beads with 2 dividers at the 33-bead sections. It also has a additional 10-bead counter for extra repetitions. It is a assembled using very durable string. This heavy hand-made tasbih has a 44-inch diameter so it hangs well on the neck and obviously will come down lower than most average tasbihs. Only a few available!

*Beautiful dark brown tamarind wood

*Unique size with extra 10-bead counter

*Elegant hand-crafted tasbih with a large Alif/imam bead

*Limited edition prayer beads! Only a few available

*99-bead tasbih with 2 dividers, 10-bead counter, tassel and alif


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