Dense Tamarind Tree Tasbih - 8mm 99-Bead Prayer Beads - 2 Beautiful Tassels

Model: TST-9R8N1

UPC Number : 747726432264

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Quality heavy hard wood prayer beads made from the dense core of aged Indonesian tamarind fruit trees. The beads are a rich dark brown color. These beads are naturally dark brown NOT black. Being that it is made of natural wood the darkness of the color varies slightly with each set of beads.

Quality Prayer Beads with Durable String
Dark Brown Wood w/ Matching Dark Brown Tassels
8mm Beads Divided at each 33-Bead Section with a 1 Bead Place Marker
Adjustable Tension - Measures 41cm Long from End to End
Ten Bead counter for Extensive Repetitioins


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