Small 5mm Sterling Silver Prayer Beads - 99 Plain Oval Beads with 2 Dividers and Decorative Tassel

Model: TSV-9V5P1

UPC Number : 730639306470

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Price: Regular Price : $300.00
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Naturat 6mm-bead hematite tasbih/prayer beads with 8-bead counter. Has 99 beads with dividers at 33 beads. Has a small black plastic alif bead and small plastic diamond-shaped beads on each side of the dividers. Comes in a gift box. *Limited edition! Small quantity available!

    Strung on durable woven string
    Unique natural shiny hematite stone
    6mm round beads with dividers
    Adjustable tension - natural stone
    Comes in a gift box for US and Canada customers.

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