Small 6mm Oud Aloeswood Tasbih Bracelet 33-Bead Adjustable

Model: TSD-3ND61

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Natural 6mm-bead adjustable bracelet tasbih/prayer beads without dividers. Has an 8mm adjuster bead and is on black woven string which is virtually unbreakable. Made in Indonesia. This is naturally scented exotic oud (agarwood, aloes wood or gaharu in Indonesia). Our handcrafted tasbih bracelet is adjustable for wrist sizes from 7 to 8.5 inches (17.8 - 21.6cm). Oud wood has a natural scent. The scent may dissipate with time and in reaction to sweat from the body. The beads and string are water resistant. Perfect for men or women. Care recommendations: We do not recommend wearing this wood bracelet in water or in the shower as the reaction to chemicals may cause the wood to dry out and loose its scent and possibly change it to a duller color.

Small 6mm Oud Wood Tasbih Bracelet for Men or Women
Made from Naturally Scented Indonesian Oud wood
Adjustble to Fit Wrist Sizes from 7 to 8.5 inches (17.8 - 21.6cm)
Comes in Small Silver Foil Gift box with Single Purchases
Handmade Exotic Aloes - Agar Wood Beaded Bracelet

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