Small 5mm Sterling Silver Prayer Beads - 99 Ridged Elongated Oval Beads with 2 Dividers and Decorative Tassel

Model: TSV-9V5R1

UPC Number : 730639306470

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Price: Regular Price : $300.00
Special Price : $255.49
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These prayer beads are made entirely of sterling silver including the foxtail chain cord that it is strung on. It weighs approximately 70 grams and is unique in design and in its construction. It has 99 5mm ridged elongated oval beads divided by dual oval shaped beads at each 33 bead section. A lovely item to give as a gift or to cherish for your own moments in prayer. Note: Bears the .925 stamp for sterling silver.

    Small 99-bead 100% sterling silver prayer beads
    Sturdy construction with .925 stamp
    5mm beads, approx. 70 grams - unique foxtail tassel
    Unique design at an excellent price
    5mm beads and 48.3 cm overall length.

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