Matching Brown Tassel Sandalwood Prayer beads 8mm-bead Sandalwood Tasbih Rosary

Model: TSS-9L8N1

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Excellent quality 8mm sandalwood prayer beads with 99 beads and dividers between each 33 bead set. Adjustable tension with 2 unique matching brown tassels. Being made from natural sandalwood, of course they have a subtle pleasant sandalwood scent. Has additional 10-bead counter for extensive repetitions. This tasbih has 28-inch inside diameter so it will fit easily over any head size to be worn around the neck.

*  Natural exotic wood prayer beads
*  Strung on durable string with high quality tassels
*  Sandalwood from Indonesia - extra 10-bead counter
*  Comes in a gift box for US & Canada customers
*  Beautiful high quality matching brown tassels
Item Code: TSS-9L8N1

*NOTE: This is a natural product so the scent may dissipate with time as it dries, is affected by its environment and absorbs the natural oils from ones hands.


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