Large Scented Pine Wood Tasbih 10-mm Beads Muslim Prayer Beads

Model: TSN-9Y1M1

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This 99-bead tasbih is made from hard-to-find naturally resin-soaked pine wood (aka pitch). It has a very pleasant natural pine scent. These prayer beads have a space marker, a 10 and 3-bead counter above the alif/imam and a 1.5-inch cylindrical stop. The beads are 10mm round with 5mm bead counter beads. It is strung on durable light brown woven cord.

Large exotic wood 10-mm prayer beads without tassels
Unique scented pine wood (pitch) from Indonesia
Strung on durable woven string with high quality craftsmanship
Comes in a gift box for US & Canada customers (single orders)
Beautifully sculpted alif/imam and dividers

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