7mm Exotic Natural Koka Kuka Seed Tasbih 99-Bead

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Unique and exotic kuka seed prayer beads. The high quality koka / kuka seed is extremely strong and durable. These Turkish prayer beads are smooth to the touch and enjoyable to use. This is the natural kuka color and they are buffed to shine naturally. The shape of the beads are unique, they are almost round with slight tapers at the ends. Note: As this is a natural seed product color variations in the bead and slight imperfections may be noticeable.

1- Made from durable exotic koka/kuka seeds
2- Unique prayer beads imported from Turkey
3- Has 99 8mm beads with dividers and an alif/head bead or Imam
4- Inside daimeter is 28-inches so it fits over the head
5- Has a 3 bead counter at the top and 2 dividers

Natural Koka Kuka Seed 99 bead

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