Naturally-dyed Stigi (Iron Wood) Prayer Beads 99-bead with 2 Dividers & Dark Brown Tassels

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These 8mm-bead prayer beads are died a unique color using natural plant methods in Indonesia. This method uses palm fruit seeds and white limestone. Iron wood is a dense wood which is called stigi or setigi in Indonesian. The tension can be adjusted to give the desired space between the beads. These muslim prayer beads have a large enough circumfrence to put over ones head. Comes in a gift box for most customers.

* two beautiful matching tassels
* 1 bead spacer / space marker
* 2 dividers at each 33 bead section
* durable string with adjustable tension
* bead size: 8mm
* extra 10-bead counter
* length: to the tip of the imam 41cm (16-inches)

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