Elongated Oval Small Camel Bone 33-bead Turkish Prayer Beads Muslim Tasbih

Model: TSM-3V8E1

UPC Number : 730639210821

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Beautiful handcrafted tasbih (prayer beads) with dividers and a beautifully sculpted alif/imam. These Turkish style prayer beads are smooth to the touch and enjoyable to use. This 7.5x10-mm bead tasbih has a 12.5-inch inside diameter so it will NOT fit over one's head. Full outside linear measurement is 13.25" from end to end. Comes in a silver foil 3.5x3.5 cotton filled gift box.
  • Unique beautiful Turkish design Tasbih Prayer Beads

  • Made from camel bone in tradition Turkish style

  • Limited edition - few in stock, high quality tesbih

  • 33 oval beads with 2 dividers between each 11 beads

  • Elegantly shaped alif with 3 counter beads. Made in Turkey.

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