Oud Short Alif Tasbih Aloeswood 8mm 33 - Prayer Bead Rosary with Tassel - SHIPS FROM INDONESIA

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This 33-bead tasbih is made from exotic Indonesian gaharu also known as oud or aloes-wood. It has a very mild pleasant natural scent. There is a 7 and 3-bead counter above the alif. The 3-bead counter can also be used as a marker. These are 8 mm beads with 5 mm bead counters. It has two beautiful copper-decorated black tassels.

Natural exotic wood prayer beads
Strung on durable string with high craftsmanship
Unique exotic aloeswood from Indonesia
Comes in a gift box for US & Canada customers
Beautifully sculpted stops at the ends above the alif

SHIPS FROM INDONESIA. (Please allow 2-3 weeks days for standard shipping and 3-5 days for EXPRESS)

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